About Wortherendum

Have you ever wondered whether this book is worth reading? Or whether you should spend your money on that smartphone? How about buying a car if you can rent it? Going for your next vacation to that place? Doing a PhD or not? Is it really worth it in your specific case? Well, I ask these questions myself all the time. But hey! There are many other people asking themselves exactly the same questions all the time! How about to help each other? How about to hold a referendum about those questions? How about to hold - a wortherendum?

And that's what Wortherendum is about

Wortherendum is a Q&A website, similar to others you may already know from the Internet, but dedicated specifically to the types of questions mentioned above. Simply put - people ask questions about things they are not sure they are worth doing/making/buying/taking. Then, other people, preferably those who already have some knowledge and experience on the topic, answer the questions. There are two kinds of answers you can provide - the first one is taking a simple "worth it/not worth it" vote, just like you do in any kind of referendum. The second one is explaining your decision in the form of a textual answer. After that, everybody who will ask themselves a same question in the future won't have to wonder how to decide. They will already have plenty of opinions about which decision is better.

Ideas are welcome!

Do you have any idea on how to improve Wortherendum and make it better for everyone? We want to hear about it! Head into the Contact section and let us know what improvements and new features you would like to see.