Privacy Policy

This page explains which data we may collect, why we need them and how they are stored.


Like most of the websites on the Internet, Wortherendum uses cookies. There are two kinds of cookies Wortherendum can use. The first one are the so-called session cookies. Sessions are used to remember your device-specific settings and are also needed in authentication process, i.e. to remember you are logged in. The second kind of cookies are the ones set by Google Analytics. Their complete breakdown can be found here at Google's developer portal. All the cookies are stored exclusively on your own device and you can manipulate them in any way you want, even delete them. Keep in mind that doing so will affect your user experience.

Personal data

Wortherendum is all about questions and answers, we do not need to know any of your personal data. However, in order to prevent spammers and other bad people ruining our website, we need to have some kind of authentication. This is why we require to create a user account before you can start posting new questions, answers, comments etc. Creating an account, either by direct registration or by using Facebook Login, means we will know your email address. Thanks to this, we have some kind of guarantee you won't wreak havoc here, but also you have the option to e.g. reset your password in case you forget it. Your email address is safely stored on our server and will never be shared with anybody.

Aside from your email address, all other data we store are either not personally identifiable (e.g. your username or profile picture) or not required (your full name). You can set them if you want to present yourself to the other users. All your data except your email address and username can be changed at any time in the Settings section.

Facebook Login

As already mentioned above, you can create your user account using Facebook Login. This is a standard and safe mechanism provided by Facebook you can use if you already have a Facebook account and don't want to spend your time by filling in our own registration form. Although by using Facebook Login you will still create a separate Wortherendum account, there is one more advantage - no further email confirmation is needed.

You can unlink your Facebook account at any time in the Apps and websites section of your Facebook settings (you need to be logged in to your Facebook account).

Google Analytics

Wortherendum uses Google Analytics, which provides us some IP anonymized statistical data about usage of our website. This service is dependent on cookies, therefore you can disable it completely either by various browser plugins or by disabling cookies. You will help us a lot if you won't do so, though.


Some parts of the Wortherendum website may use reCAPTCHA (v2) in order to verify you're not a robot, but a human user. We do this to prevent various malicious bots from accessing some of our crucial pages. reCAPTCHA is one of the most popular CAPTCHA-like tests used by many popular websites around the world. You can read more about reCAPTCHA and how it works here at the official reCAPTCHA's help page. Below you can find a list of our pages which use reCAPTCHA.


In case you have some more questions regarding our data policy, feel free to contact us.