Should I buy Civlization VI?

I've put around 150 hours into Civilization V and I'm still playing it occasionally. Looking at Civilization VI, there doesn't seem to be many new features and improvements since Civ V. Is it worth it to buy the game (60 euros on Steam when not discounted), or should I just go on with Civ V?

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cancel It is not worth it

Go for Warcraft 3: Reforged and you will save €30

cancel It is not worth it

The game is definitely not better than Civilization V at the moment, I'd not recommend to buy it at its current state. I'd rather keep playing Civ V and wait for some future Civ VI improvements.

However, the game is currently (writing this on May 24th) free at Epic Games Store, so you can grab it until the deal lasts.

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