Should I preorder Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2?

Today I found out that first two titles of the Pro Skater series are getting remastered editions later this year. I'm really excited because I used to play this games when I was young and it would be really nice to play it once again. On the other hand, Epic Store... I'm trying to keep all my games at as few distribution services as possible. And I really don't like these guys. Also, the price is rather high, so I'm not sure whether I should preorder it or not. Is it worth it?

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I'm rather neutral for this, but in your case, I'd wait. Since it is a remake, the price may drop quickly when the initial hype is over. And regarding the thing with Epic Store... I haven't found a lot about it yet, but there may be a chance the game will be available on some other platforms later, like Steam for example. So, to repeat myself, if you don't want to play it badly just as it gets released, I'd wait awhile.

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