Did Happy Days (1974) age well?

I love TV sitcoms, but I've already watched all the good ones filmed in this millennium, so I'm starting to look for the older ones. I've come upon Happy Days (1974) and I've heard some good things about it, but I've never watched almost half a century old TV show. Is it any similar to the present-day sitcoms? Should I watch it?

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To be honest, I was also a bit skeptical at first. I heard that it was a funny sitcom, that Fonzie was a very interesting character, but I was uncertain because of how old the show was.
Then one day I was out of TV shows and found the whole season on Youtube. I must say there is no reason to be skeptical. The show is incredibly funny. I would bet that many of the later sitcoms (such as Friends, Step by step etc.) took it as an inspiration, at least for some characters. The show was filmed in the 70s but is set in the late 50s-early 60s. It's also interesting seeing the topics it discusses sometimes. And The Fonz really is the coolest! :D

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