EA is back on Steam. Should I buy their games from there?

I noticed that games published by EA finally made their way back to Steam. That's good news for me since I always try to buy my games from Steam first to have most of my library at a single place. However, I read that it is still required to have Origin installed before launching an EA game bought on Steam. It is the same for Ubisoft games and Uplay and while I can accept it, it's still pretty annoying. Is it worth it to buy EA games on Steam or not really?

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check_circle It is worth it

I'd say so. As you've already said, it's the very similar situation as with Ubisoft games. If you want to have all your library at one place, I don't think you can currently hope for any better integration of EA games with Steam than you already have. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

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